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Rules Clan!

Post by Kieyra on Sat Aug 05, 2017 3:07 pm

Dream-Girl2D Rules![/b]

1.Don't complain if someonesteals your kill,they may save your life.

2.If you get killed,accept it.Dont blame it on not playing attention or lag.

3.If you're having a bad game,don't rage ban someone just because you're an admin.

4.Camping is not a legimate strategy/

5.If you are near a downed team member, help them back up.

6.Cheating make useless life.

7.Respect Other.

8.Don't flame/insult anyone, just play your games.

9.Stand with the group.Don't jump ahead or you'll get killed.

10.It doesn't matter what platform you game on, just love whatever you play.

11.Expect quality.Never compromise.

-You will get punish (example):blacklisted.

Women play video games,too.Get over it.

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